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Love Spell Soy Candle zodiac tin 8oz

Love Spell Soy Candle zodiac tin 8oz

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"Love spell" zodiac 8oz reusable tin. Hand poured soy wax with oils infused for magical love intention.  Rose oil is the highest vibrational floral scent of love, mixed with cinnamon oil for spicy spontaneous energy. Rose quartz, cinnamon sprinkle and rose pedals imbedded in the surface wax. Gold specks of mica shimmers when melts. Intention scents candles are made in a small sacred space.

Various designs on tin will be randomly selected for customer at the time of purchase. The zodiac tins have a gorgeous motif design around the container and the lids have a unique beautiful mandala design. 45 hours plus burning time. Let the wax burn evenly, especially first burning to create an even melting pool (wax melt to the walls of the container). Allow 3-4 hours for first burn to eliminate tunneling. When the candle wax is complete, the container can be cleaned with soap and water and reused. 

Safety and care: Never leave a candle unattended. Place candle on the lid, or another heat resistant surface while burning. Keep candle away from children and pets. Trim the wick 1/4" before burning each time.  

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