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Let Go and Cut the Cords Spell 8oz Tin

Let Go and Cut the Cords Spell 8oz Tin

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Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedar and Sage oils in the soy wax. Strong earthy scents to raise the  vibrations of letting go of concepts or ideas that no long serve you. Intensified with dried sage leaf embedded in the candle. Tins are all unique and are a black and white motif design. Tins are reusable once candle burns out, clean tin with soup and water. Set your intention, light your candle and if time allows, visualize what no long serves you. Think about the cord that hold you attached to that person, place or thing. Then release in your thoughts. Being present and letting go, is a valuable practice and can be helpful in navigating difficult situations.

Burns for 45 hours. Never leave candle unattended. Never burn near children or pets. Place the lid under the tin container for heat resistance. trim wick 1/4 each burn time. Allow 4-5 hours on first burn for even melting pool to eliminate tunneling. 

Disclaimer: Intention scents spells are not for physical healings, they are abstract mental intentions set by the founder of Intention Scents. The spells are meant for positive energetic work. The candles are made with love for a sacred space, using creative thinking and artisan ratios of oil and reiki energy.  

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